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This report includes the overall description of development and uses of scrabble board game app. The purpose of this report is to provide the knowledge and usefulness of scrabble game. We are discussed the functional and non-functional requirement of developing the scrabble game app in the IOS platform. A complete background description of this project is described under this report, which will helps the user to understand the process and functions of the scrabble game.


In this report we describe the process of development of a scrabble game. We are developed a game app which supports the IOS platform. Everyone can play this game to enhance their vocabulary. This app is developed on the IOS mobile platform to play in the iPhones.


The basic purpose of this game is to test the words knowledge and vocabulary of the player. This game is to make as many words as possible and worth as many points as much possible. The other purpose is to entertain the people and engage the people in the type of game which will enhance their knowledge. People of all the age like child, young and old of any profession can play this game.

Product description

Scrabble game is a type of board game. The rule of scrabble game is very simple related to other board game like chess and others. There are many factors in this game which need to take consideration when making a move in scrabble. This is a two player game, first is human (user) and another is system. The users have to anagramming and generating the words during play. The player can probably find various legal moves in one round of the game, so user have to making the choice of which move to use include many factors and there are several different techniques and strategies to follow and win the game. Hitting the bonus squares can generate an extremely high score. Another way of being successful is to prioritize using letters with high score.

In this game the board includes smaller square boxes which make up the steps on the path which each tile steps on as it enters the path to produce a word. There is mainly two types of word square are available on the board, double and triple word squares. In the double squares if the two tiles which will generating a meaning are placed there and in the third word square, there is tiles available in the third word square which is used to call for placement, which determine how the score is been ranked on the score device. The players have to navigate the tile on the path to achieve a meaningful word. The player whose tile finished first will win the match or the player which scores the highest points will win the match.

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Minutes of meeting

We organize a meeting of certain staff member who are related to the design and development of this project.

 The various information of the meeting is detailed below:

  • Time and Date of meeting: The meeting is held on 11th of May, 2016 at 11 AM.
  • Staffs who attend the meeting: The number of staff who is key member in this project is involved in this meeting, such as: Project manager, project developer, project analyst, and project tester.
  • Purpose of the meeting: The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss the different section of project development, advantage, and disadvantage of the game, and features of the game.
  • Agenda: The main agenda of this project is to realize the various points by placing words and using the random draws of letters on the square grid in which some cells have bonuses.
  • Status: The status to development of this app is still not clear (pending).
  • Deadline: The deadline is 20th of May 2016.


The requirement of the product characterized in two types:

  • Functional requirement
  • Non-functional requirement

Functional requirement

The main functionality of this scrabble game is to check the words which are in dictionary words before placing the words across the board. The score calculation will take place at each and every word placed on the board.

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The functional requirement of this project is given below:

  • Login: Login is the first functional requirement of this game app. Every players or users should login to app to play the game.
  • Home page: The app needs a home page so that user can interact to the app and can understand the function of game by seeing the various options given there before start the game.
  • Game page: Game page is the basic and main requirement for this app. It consist the board of the game where the players can perform or play the game.
  • Level: Game should have the certain number of challenges or level. It makes the player interested to playing the game and completes the different level of the game.
  • Character: The game should have a players or characters, which can start and play the game against the system.
  • Result share page: The game should have a result or score sharing page so that the user or player can share their result on the social site like Facebook, Google+, etc. if they want.

Non-functional requirement

The non –functional requirement is also known as design or quality requirement. It provides the guidelines of how the app will develop correctly. The non-functional requirement of this project is given below:

  • Performance: performance is matter for any app, so it is essential how fast your app work. The performance requirement in the scrabble game is how quickly the letters are move.
  • Responsiveness: The responsiveness requirement of this project ensures that the app is ready to respond the users input. In other words, does the app allow the user to switch to another function even when it is calculating the route?
  • Scalability: The scalability requirement is refers to the how well the app will manage or deals with the increasing uses or size of app data.
  • Usability: The usability requirement refers to how the user/people can use the app. The usability of the app can be measured by the time which it takes for end users to become familiar with the apps functions and interface, without any guide.
  • Reliability: The reliability refers to the percentage of time for that the scrabble app works well and correctly to deliver the desired result and despite the potential failure in its environment.
  • Security: The requirement security refers to how the app saves all the previous routes it calculated and lets the user can reuse the saved route rather than calculated the app. It is necessary because if it is not a requirement than the user can store all the data of app in unencrypted files and on the SD card. But if the security is require, you cannot easily access the content even the user can encrypt the app files and store them into a private app file. The file will be deleted when the app is uninstalled.
  • Modifiability: The modifiability requirement governs how easily the app may be changed. It might state the app can use more than one map without any need to modify or rebuilt the app.
  • Maintainability: The maintainability requirements related to ease at which the app will finds the bugs and fixes them also.

Use case Diagram

The user can perform several task in this Scrabble game, the operations are explain below:

  • Login/register: The players or users can login or register before playing the game by their valid scrabble user name and password or they can also login or register by their social sites id like Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • Select opponent: User can choose or select the opponent player from the list of online player and can start playing the game with him/her.
  • Game history: Player can also check the history of game played any time.
  • Share result: The players can share their game result with others by clicking on the option share score or results.

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Figure 1 use case diagram

Complete navigation Map of app

To play or start the game we are providing the complete navigation guide of this IOS scrabble game, the steps are explained below:

Users first have to click on the app then the game will open. The game is started with a welcome screen. On the welcome screen of this game app, two buttons are available below the heading ‘welcome to scrabble’. The buttons are welcome play now and good bye Exit. If the user wants to continue with game and play then they have to click on the play now button, and if they want to quit the game they have to click on the exit button given there.

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When the user continue the playing by clicking on the play now button, then the game will started in the new window of the device. On the play screen the name of the player shown if they login in the scrabble, game level and player also available on the top of the screen. Below these the board is available where the players play the game and below the board letters are shown. Players have to drag and drop the letters shown bottom of the screen in the boxes available on the board to make meaningful words. When the board will full of words then the result of current game session will show on the device screen. After this if the players want to continue playing the scrabble then they have to click on next else back button to exit the game. They can also share the game result with other player or on their social site by clicking on the share button and choose the opponent player by clicking on the players name in the list of online players.

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Figure 2 navigation map

App screen per team member

The several screens of the app shown below by the screenshot of the app:

  • Home Screen

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Figure 3 home screen of the app

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Figure 4 play screen of the app

Elementary Data dictionary (EDD) of app and another related data

In the development of this IOS scrabble app; we made a database for this. In this we make the six attributes these are: PlayerName, gameLevel, opponentName, characters, score and player2Score, and the data types of these attributes are text, int, text, array, int and int respectively. The attributes playerName holds the value name of player, gameLevel holds level of game like 1, 2 or 3, opponentName holds the value name of other player, characters holds the value any random character inputted by the users/players, score holds the value of score made by the player, and player2Score holds the value score made by the second player.  Read about : PHP Assignment Help

The elementary data dictionary (EDD) of app and related data of app is given below:

index attributes type values
1 playerName text Name of player
2 gameLevel int 1,2,3
3 opponentName text Name of other player
4 characters array Random characters
5 score int Score of player
6 plyer2Score int Second player score

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Business rules diagram per team member

The business rules of this project mainly contain three rules which are explained below:

  • Connecting: According to the connecting rule, the user or player have to login first with their valid user name and password before start playing the game. The user can also login with their social site account like Facebook or Google+. According to this rule user must have to play the game online and connected with the other online player.
  • Move decision: According to this rule, the moves made by the user must contain a set of word, only then the move is count as valid move. Users or players also don’t have to try to move on invalid place or cells. To continue the playing they have to find the meaningful word on currently completed words.
  • Resulting: The result depends on the number of words completed by the player. The opponents player score also counted by the same as well. At the end of the game the result will be calculated by counting and comparing the total words completed by the players.

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Figure 5 business rule diagram

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Corresponding event specification table per team member

There is several functions applied in this scrabble game, when the player made any invalid steps the functions generates the events itself. The functions and their corresponding event are explained below:

  • InvalidMoveEvent: The ‘InvalidMoveEvent’ is generates when the player or user moves any character or letters in the invalid cell or location. The OnDropView () is applied on this event which helps the system to generate the event.
  • GenerateCharacterEvent: This event will be generated when all the available character placed on the board and user still need more character to complete the game. In this case the player will invoke the get character method and the OnClickGenerate function helps the user in this to generate the event.
  •  ReloadGameEvent: This event will generated, when the player wants to reload the session of game which they currently playing. In this situation the ReloadGameEvent reload the game session for the user or player with the help of OnCLickReload event. 
  • FinishGameEvent: This event helps the user or player to exit the game. When the player wants to finish or exit the game any time on any screen, the FinishGameEvent quit or exit the game with the help of OnClickQuit function. 

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Event Function Description
InvalidMoveEvent OnDropView() If player moves a character on invalid cell or location or place this event generates
GenerateCharacterEvent OnClickGenerate() When all characters placed on the board, then player will need more characters to play further, then player will invoke get characters method.
ReloadGameEvent OnClickReload() During playing game, player wants to reload the current game session then this event will reload the current game.
FinishGameEvent OnClickQuit() Any time on any screen player can quit game because of any reason, this event will let the player quit from the application

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Logical relational data model

A database is designed for this scrabble game. In the database of this we made several tables and create the attributes for all the tables. We also use the primary keys in each table to uniquely define the each table and fetch the information or data to provide the various information or result.

The tables and their attribute are shown and described below:

  • Results
  • Result_id (primary key)
  • Result_game_id (foreign key)
  • Result_shares
  • Users
  • User_Id (Primary key)
  • User_name
  • User_high_score
  • Games
  • Game_id (Primary key)
  • Game_user_1
  • Game_user_2
  • Game_winner
  • Game_date_time
  • Game_words_id (foreign key)
  • Words
  • Word_id (Primary key)
  • Word
  • Word_length

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In the database all the tables are related with each other with the primary key and foreign key used in the table, like; the result table related to game table, the game table related to word table and the user table related to game table in one to many relation.

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Figure 6 logical relation model

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This game app is a scrabble game app. It is the type of board game app. The app is developed for iPhones users. By playing this game user can enhance their vocabulary and strong their spellings knowledge. This is also a great game which helps the people of all the age to engage their time and entertain themselves. By reading this report everyone can able to play the scrabble game and also can know, how to score well in the scrabble games. Read more about Dot Net Assignment help


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