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Critically review examples of high and low quality multimedia product

Multimedia Product

Multimedia product is the combination of any audio, video, text, animation and graphic art which delivered to us by any electronic devices such as computer, mobile and many more. Currently, we are using many multimedia products which are the combination of text, music’s, sound effects, narration, images, graphics, video, 3D, animation, and computer programmed interactivity and virtual reality.


The central of development of multimedia title is the addition of various digital data in the number of formats and different devices. This addition of digital data in different format is achieved by obtaining the various types of media assets like visual, sound and many more. In the whole process of development of multimedia title converting these assets from analogue into digital format is most necessary thing. In this way all the data is stored in a very stable format which readily available for use together with the other digital forms. The multimedia product development is not normally difficult for any particular subject but the complexity of it means that it can present an arduous challenge if it is to be done properly.

In the development of multimedia product, the simply addition of audio, video, graphics and text into a single package  and presenting it as a CDROM is not enough to hope that it will be useful, enjoyable or educational. [Also Read: – Phone Gap Android Assignment Help]

Today’s a lot of multimedia product have been developing dealing with the infinite range of subjects: through educational packages, educational and familiar video games and so on to highly specialized subjects which is relating to personal pursuits and in the workplace. Many of them is successful in the market while many others have languished in the stockroom.

A multimedia product is able to add interactive features which allow the users accessing the data or information to reply to it instantly. A multimedia uses many assets under development such as digitalized video clips, sound, images and text associated with it. The multimedia product has many attributes which makes its quality high or low. These attributes are:

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Smell

There is mainly two basic type of multimedia product is available to users:

  • Fixed multimedia: This type of multimedia consists of product with the content which is purchased in a complete form. It may be stored in the CD-ROM, DVD or may be accessible on the internet or downloaded from the server (FTP site).
  • Real time multimedia: This type of multimedia consist systems which are online within the WANs, MANs, LANs. It enables the user to analyze situations, make self-decisions and changes the effect immediately. This type of multimedia generally used in theatre surgery, diagnostics works in heavy engineering application and remote learning by teleconferencing.

The quality of multimedia product has to be addressed by three different issues, which are represented by the technical, contextual and human perspectives of the product. The quality of any multimedia product is determined either it is high quality or low quality by the comparing following thing:[Also Read: – App Stores Marketing Assignment Help]

  • Hardware and software dependencies
  • The user interface of the product
  • The design of the programmed
  • Quality of audio, video, text, graphic and images used in the designing of the product

So for determining the quality of multimedia product we have to ensure about following:

  • Does the product meet expectation?
  • Is the content of product suitable in depth and breadth?
  • Is the navigation of product satisfactory?
  • Are the quality, quantity and appropriateness of multimedia product is satisfactory?
  • Is there a satisfying level of interactivity
  • Is the system enjoyable to use and aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does the system perform adequately?

Discuss what makes a good quality multimedia product.

There are various factors which make the quality of multimedia product good, such as:

  • Color: The color used in the good quality multimedia product must be eye catching and relevant. The background color of the product must be consistent. If the background is dark, text appear on it must be lighter. Keywords must be highlighted in the contrasting color.
  • Text: The text used in the good quality multimedia product should be short and subjective. It must be straight to the point to the point left justify the text. Do not place any text on the top of a graphic unless the graphic is intended to hold text. Use the large enough size of the font and generic. The text and text-color against the background color of the project must be readable.
  • Graphics: The graphics one of the factor which makes the multimedia product good. We have to considered, the graphics must be associated with the project and the images used in the project should be related to the subject. The graphs and charts labeled with the labels and text boxes.
  • Navigation: The navigation of the good quality multimedia product includes an exit button on each screen and provides instruction for navigation. The icons should be big in size for the intended audience to see place permanent buttons along the screen edge include back up buttons. The placing of common navigation icons in the same location on the screen throughout the program is easier for the user. The navigation must include the search facility and site map so that the user can easily find their work.
  • Video files: The video files used under the product tend should be medium in size, means not very large and not very short, and the quality of the video must be good. Use the video only when it is necessary to include also keep the segments of the video short and include a replay button.
  • Audio files: The audio segment of the product should be not very large. It must accompanied by the text so that user can read also if the voiceover. It must cover the message what you want to deliver to the user and also help the user. The audio must be clear and understanding to listen.

Explain how the design process can be applied to a multimedia product.

The design process applied to a multimedia product basically in six phases. All the phases have number of activities associated with it and have its own characteristics.  These phases are:

  • Funding: The companies needs funding for the development of project or initiate the project. Obtaining funding is a critical phase for all the multimedia companies. Companies are uses number of ways to obtain it, such as;
  • Writing business proposal to get a funding from private or public sources
  • Responding to RFP (request for proposal)
  • Obtaining contact through referral or personal
  • Joining competitions
  • Making a prototype and then finding a company who is interested in developing it or who like the idea
  • Planning: When the companies secured the contract, a sequence of negotiation started between the company and client. There is some important points which require in the planning phase:
  • The ownership of content, schedule of project and payment mode must be discussed
  • Must be clearly defines the roles of company and client from initial contact
  • Both the client and company must be agree for the completion dates for various phase to ensure the feasibility of the anticipated amount of work and project budget
  • Sometimes, the developer will receive the content from the client who have the copyright of the used material and sometimes the company generated the new materials from scratch
  • Both the company and client must agree for their responsibility
  • Designing: The designing process is based upon the client’s feedback of the prototype; many documents are developed that provide the complete information on functions, interface, design and content of the product. These terms are used to refer to various specification document based on the format and information provided by the document. Storyboard and flowchart are designed to clear out the specification.
  • Producing: In this phase all the team members who are selected by project manager to work on the project begin to develop the scripts, animation, artwork, interface, audio, video and codes for the project.
  • Testing: The testing phase involves the testing of product after completion of the project to test the functionality, design, interface etc. of product. It is generally continuous and repetitive. Companies uses the four step evaluation plan to measure or test the major milestone for quality assurance: prototype, beta, alpha and final testing of the product.
  • Marketing: It is the important phase to success the product. The company depends on it for their survival. The main element of the marketing is researching the pricing, industry and audience.

Plan an iterative design process.

The iterative design processes of the product are:

  • Initiation: The initiation phase focuses on the planning which required for the product development. The task involves the determination of the whole strategy, scope of the risk management to be performed is identified and the cost associated with copyright negotiation is incorporated into the budget.
  • Specification: In specification stage the feasibility of the project is reassessed. Usability and testing criteria is established in this phase.
  • Design: This phase identifies the users who will perform the activity and also outline the solution to the design problem.
  • Production: In this phase acquisition of media is finalized and license negotiation also completed. The control of changes is critical in this phase.
  • Review and evaluation: In this process at the completion of each process of conceptualize, design, produce and specify the product is critically examined before the next iteration started.
  • Delivery and implementation: In this stage the delivery of the product is formalized with the clients signing of an acceptance agreement. The level of performance support, client support and ongoing maintenance is finalized with the client in the delivery and implementation phase of iterative design process.

Resources and techniques to achieve multimedia outcomes needs

To achieve the outcomes of multimedia product we are basically uses the following resources and techniques:


  • Video editing software: We are using the several video editing tools to modify the videos to use in the multimedia products to make it more suitable and informatics. Tools like window movie maker, Adobe premiere pro and iMovie.
  • Photo editing software: Adobe Photoshop and Pixlr are the tools which are used in the development of multimedia products to editing and resizing the various images to make the product more attractive and enhancing the looks of product.
  • Lectures presentation tools: We are using some tools like Prezi, Doceri, One note etc. to create the presentation of lectures and documents given in the multimedia product similar to PowerPoint but without any restriction to linear visual path. We can also uses these tools to create hand-drawn lessons, graphics, flag content and share the graphics as an image, PDF or audio, video screencast.
  • Voice-thread: It is a flash based tool which is used to use multimedia creatively. It can be also used to collaborate with the other course content creators, sharing, commenting and analytics on user case.


Sounds can make or break multimedia outcomes whether it is a documentary video, audio slideshow or an interactive narrative. The interactive and visual content or element tend to command our attention so we are using the various techniques to  make the sound quality better.

  • Basics concept: In the multimedia product four different ways is used to record the sound:
  • Interview clips: It is mainly used to record the subject of story.
  • Voice overs: It includes the scripted narration which is recorded. Mainly in a studio, to push the storyline forward.
  • Natural sound: It is the sound effect that we record on location. Specific and discrete element which command the listener attention.
  • Ambient sound: It is the background noise which creates the sense of place.
  • Minimize the noise: When we recorded the sound many types of unwanted noise are also recorded with this like background and air noise and the equipment noise which make less comfortable the users while listening to sound so we take care especially on minimizing these noises.
  • Use sound to add detail: A good audio convey the information. It relays facts while adding the various details and texture. So Brainstorm the natural sound possibilities when planning the stories and also look for the additional opportunities to convey the detail through sound in the field.
  • Always monitor sound: A lot of digital sound is normalized. The sound waves are processed to make quitter parts louder and louder parts quitter, so the overall level of sound is raised to a point before the clipping. We have to verify the loudness of audio to enhance the accuracy. Some places are naturally quitter or louder than others so we use the normalization techniques to make these difference less distinct.
  • Use layers to create the richer sound: Layering is the techniques to make the audio more interesting. It is the efficient way to communicate various type of information at the same time. Combining all types of sound into one multi-layer presentation can lead to particularly interesting effect.

Analyze own use of design discipline

This is the homepage of the application and it has several menus and they are:

  • Welcome page
  • English Learning Tab
  • Numbers
  • Alphabets

Android Assignment Help

Figure 1 Home screen

Android Assignment Help

Figure 2 alphabet page

Android Assignment Help

Figure 3 number

Android Assignment Help

Figure 4 pronouncing alphabets and numbers

The audio has been played using MediaPlayerClass and the class is used to control the audio and video files. [Also Read: – Entity Relationship Diagram Database Assignment Help]

Evaluate the prototype

The developed app is an educational mobile app which helps the people to learn Basic English in a simple way. The app is developed in Android.

Basically in this app, we use various image of animals, fruits, play accessories, numbers and alphabets. There is a speaker given beside the image which speak the quantity and name of the object shown in the images by clicking on the speaker, also speak the start letter of object name like ‘A for Apple’.

To develop this tool in android we are using the android studio tool. We are using the JPEG and PNG format of image under all the section. The main functionality of this app is audio sound. The app is compiling in the Lollipop version of android and executed in the version Ice-cream sandwich and lollipop.


Yahya, Y. (2016). ASSESSING MULTIMEDIA QUALITY FROM THE USER’S PERSPECTIVE. 1st ed. [ebook] p.10. Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2016].

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