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Task 1

Organization Aims

The main aim of the organization is to provide the houses/homes on the rental basis on behalf of the home owners to those people who are planning to spend their holidays at the other areas of countries, or the people who comes to UK to spend their holidays from other countries. It helps them in finding and purchasing the home for the specific time to those people so that they can spend their holiday according to their comfort instead of residing in hotels. The Holiday Homes wants to establish itself as the market player so that the company-business is seen by both the customer and its competitors.


Holiday Homes follows the functional structure for setting up all the aspects of organization business according to its aims and purpose. The functional structure works very well and suitable for all the types of business or organization especially for small organization. [Also Read: – Thread Life Cycle Java Assignment Help]

Programming Assignment Help

image 1

The Holiday Homes has involved in selling and managing the range of holiday properties.  The Holiday homes operate its business in different areas of UK by its branch office. All the branch office offers a range of properties available locally on rent. Currently, the companies uses the file based system to keep their business record, so all the properties details, customer details and property owner details are kept in separate file at their related branch office such as: property details are kept in the property file, client details are kept in the client file, etc. The branch staffs are responsible for updating the property information by regularly checking the property details either that is available for rent or removed by the property owner. [Also Read: – Enhanced Entity Relationship Database Assignment Help]

The clients who want to take any property on rent, and then they first have to register themselves at the branch office of Holiday Homes. After registration of client the company staff checks the availability of the particular property either it is available or not. If the property available then the client has to fill the booking form and pay the require amount of rent to the branch manager at the branch offices. The branch staffs are also responsible for the advertisement of the property. They advertise the property in National Newspaper of the UK.


The Holidays Homes is the real estate company which is managing various types of holiday’s property on behalf of the local owners. It performs several functions which are given below:

  • The Holiday Homes provide the supervision and support the property buyers and sellers in the marketing and purchasing the property under the best terms and condition at right price.
  • It understands the client’s requirement and financial abilities to propose the appropriate solution which suits to the client requirement.
  • It analyzes the comparative market to estimate the actual market value of the property.
  • It is responsible for the intermediate negotiation processes; consult to the customers on the basis of market condition, prices, legal requirements, mortgages and ensuring the honest and fair dealing of properties.
  • It is responsible for advertisement and marketing of the owner’s property and displays it to the property buyer who wants the property on rent.
  • It is responsible for all the basic paperwork of the property such as: starting and closing statements, rent contracts, deeds, etc.
  • It is responsible for the maintaining, managing and updating the list of property which is available for rent.
  • It develops the business network of organization or company with the property attorneys, contractors and mortgages lenders.
  • It promotes the sales of properties through the advertisements of properties in newspaper and listing services, etc.


Simply the stakeholders stand for all who stands for the company business or directly or indirectly related to the company business. The stakeholders of the Holidays Homes companies are:

  • Property broker/consultant: The property broker or the consultant who works as the mediator between properties owner and Holiday Homes or Client and Holiday Homes are the stakeholder of this company, because it helps the company in selling and buying the property to run its business.
  • Home buyers/client: The Clients are the most important stakeholders of any company. It buys the property on rent from the Holiday Homes, so it is one of the stakeholders of the company.
  • Property owner: The property owners who provide their properties to the company for rent or sell are one of the stakeholders of Holiday Homes.
  • National Newspaper press owner: The Holiday Homes manage the advertisement of properties with the National newspaper of the UK, so they are the stakeholder of the company.
  • Related bank: The banks who are related with the company and support the Holiday Homes in their different financial operation are the stakeholders of the company.
  • Holiday Homes Staff: The staffs or employees who are working in the Holiday Homes and responsible for managing all the information of the properties, properties owners and clients are the stakeholders of the company.
  • Government: Government is the one of the important stakeholders of the company, because it allows the company for running its business in the UK and also the company pays the taxes to it for their business.

Impact of e-commerce on organizational structure

As we know the e-commerce is the major challenge for all the business in the twenty-first century. As the online sales grow and mature day by day, it impacts the real estate industries also. As the Holiday Homes is the real estate organization and it is planning to change its traditional file based system into e-commerce. It has various impacts on its business and organizational structure. [Also Read: – Educational App Development Android Assignment Help]

  • The real estate makes the Holiday Homes available globally so that it is accessible and touched by anywhere anytime by the customers and business person or all of its stakeholders.
  • It saves the lots of cost of the organization, by integrating it in their traditional business the company doesn’t need to open or operate their branch offices in all the business area of the country. The e-commerce able to process most of its business operation online.
  • It reduces the employment costs for the company.
  • It makes the company available for 24*7.
  • It also allows the company to display their product catalogue globally, so its save the time of customer and client both.
  • It makes the company business effective and efficient.
  • It removes the mediator/broker between the clients, company and property owner so the company or client don’t need to pay additional amount to the mediators.
  • It provides the new marketing strategy and way to the company for advertising and marketing of the property.
  • It provides the new promotion platform of the properties to the country such as: social sites, emails, etc.
  • It allows the company to provide the online transaction facilities to its customer, etc.

Task 2:

Understand the impact of e-commerce

Introducing e-commerce does not only affect the business but it also influences the functional area of the organization. The biggest challenge for Holiday Homes is to plan the strategies for all the functional areas as all the operations are interrelated with each other and they need to be in synchronized form.

2.1 Explain the impact on consumers of the development of e-commerce

The impact of developing e-commerce on consumers can be seen as:

  • Convenience: Internet is the media which makes it convenient for the consumers to shop online anytime and anywhere. Customers can order the products whether they are at home or at office. Additionally customers can save their money by shopping online as there is no transportation cost incurred.
  • Technology: Technology also plays a vital role in the impact of e-commerce as the online website will run on the technology and thus it is convenient to use the latest technology for the online website as the today’s customer seek to have the latest ones.
  • Trust of consumer on internet shopping: Whenever a customer chooses to get some sort of property for rent, they would like to get it from the internet media as the e-commerce websites provides security to the customers. Third party gateway contains verification mechanism which ensures the customers that the transaction they are carrying out is safe and they can continue using this internet media for online purchasing.

2.2 Explain the impact on businesses of the development of e-commerce

E-commerce has a greater impact on the businesses as all the functional areas of the organization are affected when the business goes online. Certain impacts can be seen as:

  • Impact on marketing: Marketing strategies differ if the product is launched on online platform. It has become easier to track the online promotion when the property can be found on the web. A large number of customers can reach to us in shorter span of time. Social media and other online platforms provide a wide range of advertising material for the newly launched e-commerce websites.
  • Impact on operations: Having all the records in file is very difficult for a single person to manage, when the business contains an e-commerce website, all the details will be transparent for the admin and all the transactions and properties can be tracked without much worry. The mediators like agents will be highly affected by the e-commerce website as the e-commerce has no need of such agents instead e-commerce uses email and other kind of notifications for advertising the website.
  • Impact on human resource: There will be a need of technically sound employees or the organization has to train its existing employees for digital selling. Workforce should be planned for the seasonal demands of the customers, like hiring new employees only for the seasonal or occasional period only. The work time of the employees will be affected as the e-commerce works for 24 hours a day hence the organization has to consider such employees who can work on flexible timings.
  • Impact on finance: Initial investment is required for setting up the e-commerce system and to integrate the existing records with the new one. Multi-currency transactions will be involved if the e-commerce website comes into existence, so the organization has to be prepared for the same. There will be an impact of the exchange rate when the business is working worldwide as the value of currency varies in different parts of the world.

2.3 Explain the global impact of e-commerce

E-commerce is today the biggest tool for bringing a new product in market which much worries about the structure of the organization; development of e-commerce required a website and all the products of the organization to be shown on that website with all the details. The e-commerce has the following impacts when the organizations decide to have an e-commerce website. [Also Read: – Entity Relationship Diagram Database Assignment Help]

  • Jobs: For the intent of having online presence, Holiday Homes will need a website which will be used for selling or giving the properties on rent to the customers. This website should also contain the payment gateway for making the payments online. For such purpose, web developers will need to be hired for developing the website.
  • Time saving: Making order on an online store saves a lot of time rather than moving to the offline store and searching for the desired property in the file of that property dealer. Also the transportation cost is saved when the customers are browsing online and not moving to an offline dealer’s shop.
  • Price comparison: With the use of internet, it has become easier to compare the price of properties which are available online. Hence the customer can get the property at the lowest price without travelling from store to store.
  • Product experience: A website may contain a few images of the entire property and the customer will not be able to have the experience of visiting the property on their own and then confirming it for acceptance. Customers can also get mislead when they desire for something else and with the wrong image they get some other property.
  • Uncertainty: With the increasing internet era, some people are also afraid of the scams that may happen during the transactions. Among all the payment gateways, PayPal is the medium which is the most trusted one and supported by most of the customers. PayPal keeps all the credentials of the customers safe and does not leak any of the details to the owner also.


3 (a) Role of objectives and market analysis including Market research, Target Markets and Market Potential.

Market Research

After making detail analysis I have make market research for implementation of e-commerce business system. Since this is an award winning company who has great customer strength but due to digitation they loss their strength. As after implementation of an e-commerce system this company can offer their all services to their client at their home. Their all working process will become digital and requires minimum amount of time to process. All their stakeholders is waiting for an e-commerce solution to get easy to use and easy to reach medium. This company has large number of customer by which they can easily operate their work efficiently.

Target Markets

This is a customer centric business which offers rental services to their customer. Their other target markets are private owners and individual agents who poses rental properties. Tourist and traveler who wish to get a flat, hotel or villa, all are the target market of “Holiday Homes”.

Market Potential

Holiday Homes has great market potential to have an e-commerce business solution. I have provided description about market potential which is as follows: [Also Read: – ERD Database Management System Assignment]

  • Holiday homes a retail business provides rental services at best price which is a great attraction point.
  • Their entire client is loyal and trust worthy so that after implementation of an e-commerce solution all client will definitely love it.
  • This company provides instant approval services as per client request.
  • They offer many attractive offers to regular clients to make good relationship.
  • Their service charge and available room charge is comparatively low in compare to other competitors.
  • They have many supporting branches in UK.
  • Holiday homes provide surety on customer information protection.
  • Online and offline customer service is much more attractive and resolve all queries of customer on real time.
  • This company poses rules and legislation as per UK government. So after implementation of an e-commerce website this company can easily promote their rules and legislation through their website globally.

3 (b) Evaluate e-commerce system of existing competitor ecommerce sites

Competitor of Holiday Homes has better E-commerce web solution by which they offer variety of attractive services to their customer. “SpareRoom” is a company which involve in same types of business. Evaluation of “SpareRoom” website is as follows:

  • E-commerce system has easy to use and reliable navigation system which can balance any amount of load.
  • This website has “Search” option by which client or customer can make search for rental properties by name of area, postcode, or by reference number.
  • This website has a link “Browse” which redirect on another webpage. This webpage consist information about rooms, flats, hotels and villas as state-wise manner to facilitate customer in better way.
  • This company also offers renting properties like houses and flat share to the customer who doesn’t able to make enough expense.
  • “Place ad” is a feature by which any private owner can advertise their properties on website.
  • This website is protecting with login panel means a user has to make login to get any services. Owners also have to register with this website to advertise their properties.
  • At footer of the webpage there are four links to assist customer frequently like new to sharing, about us, our services and contact us or need help.
  • All the directory of client and owner is kept secure and provide SSL security facility to secure sessions of client.

After evaluation of e-commerce website of SpareRoom I have get detail idea about design and development of an e-commerce system which will develop for Holiday Homes.

3 (c) Risk and financial implication of introducing new propose e-commerce solution into organization

E-commerce business system has great risk and impact on society so I have discuss it here to get about idea of risk of introducing an e-commerce solution for Holiday Homes is as follows:

  • Due to increasing number of customer data misuse, data stealing, frauds and hacking of customer personal information lose customer trust. So after implementation of e-commerce system the loyal customer may fear to fill their personal detail on it.
  • Before implementation of an e-commerce business when customers can make complain physically and personally to the responsible staffs but after implementation of an e-commerce system customer get discouraged due unavailability of live support. For any query and feedback they don’t have any medium except an e-commerce system so they may ignore to use services of this company.
  • Everyone knows an e-commerce system not provide 100% surety on data protection, so after implementation of an e-commerce their customer may get discouraged in case this company not provides surety to customer on data protection.
  • If navigation system of website will not respond as per client or owner expectation then they will not come again.
  • Usability, reliability feasibility of this website should be simple and sound because user will ignore any website once they feel difficulties.
  • If new e-commerce design has complex user interface and dull look and feel then attracting customer may become difficult task.
  • This e-commerce system doesn’t have online data backup facility; this may raise great risk when an attack will occur.

Financial implication of an e-commerce system

Financial implication of an e-commerce computerized system should be transparent to the Holiday Homes organization. This organization implements several innovative approaches to advertise and promote their businesses. They uses simple and sound attractive contents for website, original images of properties, surety of availability and many more to facilitate customer. The financial implication of this e-commerce business system is as follows:

  • Every e-commerce website needs a web server to run and to execute their application globally. For Holiday Homes I have select “GoDaddy” hosting service provider who has minimum yearly charge and offer large number of services to run an e-commerce website smoothly. This host provider company also offers 256 encryption security facilities to protect data or files.
  • Software and hardware for an e-commerce solution is other financial aspects and requires huge investment. To run smoothly all the work operation and for better data protection it requires great investment.
  • Better payment gateway integration, antivirus system and other hardware including data center also requires great efforts.
  • To monitor health of the e-commerce system and to resolve error related to webpage and load balancing this company also requires a maintenance team.
  • Initially e-commerce system of this company requires great advertisement support so a team of SEO will requires to effectively promoting this company on global platform.

Here I have provided a chart on financial implication of this company:

S.NO. Financial implication Factors Expenses on factors
1 Technical expenses (Latest Software, Hardware, Data center and Antivirus). $15000
2 Design and Development $10000
3 Hosting Server $10 (Max)
4 Maintenance $1000
5 Advertisement $1000
6 Startup capital $17000
7 Funding sources (Investors fund) $20000


4. High level design for proposed e-commerce solution which includes technical requirements, payment system, security and legislation

Holiday Homes Company manages wide range of holiday properties and as per availability of rental space, flats, house and villas etc. It has many sub branches in all over United Kingdom and each of the single branch offer wired range of rental properties. Currently this company process all their files and documentation operation manually. [Also Read: – IT Programming Database Assignment Help]

This company wins several awards in this business area but due to digital e-commerce business system this company loses their market strength. Due to losses of strength this company decides to have an e-commerce system to compete with internet based stores. As a specialist and part of an IT organization this task is assign to me. As per requirement of “Holiday Homes” I have make a design which consist detail analysis of e-commerce system including technical requirements payment systems, security and legislation.

Technology requirements

Technical requirement for this holiday rental company is as follows:

  • Hardware- To run an e-commerce system this company would require a computer system and their supporting latest accessories like Monitor, CPU, RAM, Expansion card, Power supply, optical disc drive, hard disk drive and many more. Apart all of this printer to print data files, registration forms for local customer, scanner, microphone, web camera and sound system should be able to effectively operate an e-commerce business globally.
  • Software- I have also made detail analysis on software requirement which is essential to run entire e-commerce business system efficiently without facing any difficulties. Require software is, a server (1&1 web hosting) that is use to host and run ecommerce business, domain name is the name by which a user can make customer search to provides easy reachability. To develop an effective e-commerce system I have require help of programming and data base management language. This e-commerce website will develop by help of HTML, PHP, JS and MY SQL. This system will also require a suitable browser.
  • Security- Security of this e-commerce business company will be done by hosting company. SSL security certification on server session must be requires to provide security on organization and customer data so that no unauthorized user can able to make an access within system.
  • Maintenance- A special IT team is required maintenance of website on weekly or basis to resolve website health related issues.
  • Back-end systems- Back end system (group of non-technical staffs) must be there to manage customer’s requests and turnover of the company.
  • Supply sources- Holiday Homes will requires some supply sources to distribute their large business process into smaller so that everyone can get benefit. Supply sources will include private owners, hotel owners, villa owners, local agents, online agents etc.
  • Distribution channel- The distribution channel of the Holiday home will be all the private owners who offer their properties on rent, hotels, villas and agents. The entire supporting channel should be able to register them to offer their properties online directly on “Holiday Homes” online computerized system.

Holiday Homes E commerce Solution Programming Assignment help

image 2 DFD 1

Holiday Homes E commerce Solution Programming Assignment help

image 3 DFD 2

Payment system

New design of e-commerce should have all type of payment facility. Because variety of customer have variety of payment capability so to grab each of the single clients this system should have well-structured payment gateway to secure customer information and also provides them better reliability and easy to use feel. For example- Electronic cheque, PayPal an online payment gateway,  NoChex, credit or debit card and master card.


  • New e-commerce design should have better SSL security certificate for hack proof session. All the latest computer system should have firewall to block viruses or hackers. A high level security panel is also required to protect data and to identify hacker attacks. Due to unambiguous attacks this website may lose their efficiency and or maybe they lose their whole market potential due to single attack. Web site of the new designed system has a better login panel to authenticate users. Holiday Homes has to enforce their user to use an alphanumeric password to protect their account and data.


Due to increasing number of hacking and frauds company has to provide surety to their customer to gain their trust. So it has to follow some legislation of UK government.

  • Data Protection Act 1988- If in any case this company uses customer data then they has to inform their customer first. They have to inform their customer in what way and where their information will be use.
  • Computer Misuse Act 1990- This company also has to use legislation of computer misuse act 1990 to provide surety of customer as well as organizational data security to take attention of customers.
  • Consumer Credit Act 1974– New e-commerce system should be designed under consumer credit act 1974 to provide information to customer. Under this act a customer will an agreement of rent, credit cards and accommodation act.
  • Freedom of information Act2000- Through the new website this company has to offer facility of freedom of information act2000 to the customer. Under this act customer can ask anything about their account activity.
  • Copyright legislation-This Company should also have copyright of their website and of their all information or contents which is available on website.

Holiday Homes E commerce Solution Programming Assignment help

image 4  homepage wire frame for Holiday homes

4. B Evaluation of proposed design

As a part of IT organization and a consultant of Holiday Homes I have made some evaluation of proposed e-commerce design. I have cover all the condition and facts to make an evaluation on evaluation of proposed deign.

  • Holiday Homes can manage their all working process of headquarters as well as their branch offices through the new computerized system easily.
  • A particular branch authorized user can finish property documentation task through new system digitally.
  • All the data which is available within this system is long lasting and well protected from unauthorized access.
  • The database of these company stores details of property, details of property owners, client detail etc. property owner details with name and address will be visible to all the clients to assist them in selection of better accommodation.
  • This website has a registration panel on which a client has to register themselves by filling their personal detail. Without registration client will never get any services of Holiday Homes through an e-commerce design.
  • All the files of organization, data files of clients and owners will be keep secure and safe from hacker by help of proper protection mechanism and SSL security certification.
  • After implementation of an e-commerce solution Holiday homes can be able to advertise their business and offers on digital platform at any time at minimum expenses.
  • New e-commerce business website should has a better payment mechanism such as PayPal, E-cash, Master or debit card, Electronic cheque and No Chex.
  • By the help of new e-commerce system this company can be able to establish their business on global platform and get an opportunity to enlarge their business.
  • Their authorized user can update information of properties and information at any time.
  • This solution solve geographical limitation problem of company.
  • The website has easy to use navigation system; simple and sound user interface that will help to attract customers.
  • The website content management system will be much more attractive and their terms and condition, privacy policy, security assurance will be visible to their website. All these aspect helps to gain customers trust.

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