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Tasks: 1

Discuss the following object oriented concepts with examples that have to be considered when designing an Object-Oriented solution (M1)

 1. Object

An object is a real world entity that can be variable, a data structure or it can be a function. Object oriented programming is incomplete without objects. An object can be described as an instance of a class that plays a major role in programming. It is depicted as a major key that describes the state, behavior and characteristics of any entity and a logical concept that helps in programming by interacting with other elements. Any person, thing or non-living thing is an object which has certain characteristics. For example human being is an object that has characteristics like hands, nose, mouth etc. and each characteristic has its own functionality.

A language may be object-oriented or object-based programming language. If a programming language has basic capabilities like identity, properties and attributes then it is called object-based and a programming language that has capabilities of polymorphic and inheritance then it is said to be an object-based programming language.

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Figure 1 Object

A class can be described as a collection of entities that share some common characteristics. For example, as I have talked about human beings than mammal is a class that comprises of several entities like human beings, animals (cat, elephant, monkey etc.). [Also Read: – Understand object oriented design concepts] It can be seen as a blueprint of an object.

In java programming language a class is a repository of a similar type of objects, contains same properties. In java a class contains

  • Class and interface
  • Constructor
  • Block
  • Method
  • Data member.

To define a class there is a method available:

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Figure 2 Class

2. Instance

An object is an instance of the class, or we can say an object is a live example of the class. So we can say that object and instances are the same things but instance only shows relationship of an object to its class. An example of an instance is given below: [Also Read: – PHP Assignment Help-TGAH]

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image 3

3. Attribute

Characteristics or properties using which we can differentiate one objects from another. Like car object can have some attributes, name, company Name, build year, engine no. These can be used to differentiate one car object from another.  An attribute can be public constant or variable which can be accessed directly. It is a thing that differ object from other object and states about appearance, their state or variety of qualities. [Also Read: – Phone Book Management Web Programming Assignment]

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image 4

4. Method

A method can be described as a piece of code having an apt name that is implemented as a combined unit. In general, we specify argument and parameters to make our methods adaptable to the changes or values. A method has a return type and hence its result always returns a value. For this purpose, ‘return’ keyword is used. Below is the example for the same. [Also Read: – Network Security Research Report Assignment Help]

A method can be seen as a black box, that takes some arguments does some processing and returns a result.

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image 6

In object oriented programming, a method defines operations that can be performed over an object or by an object.

5. Variable

Variables are used to store data in programming languages. In object-oriented programming, these are called instance variable or data members of the class, because they are used to store data for the object. Each object has its own copy of each of its instance variable and their lifetime is controlled by the object they belong to. [Also Read: – IT Programming Database Assignment Help] A variable is defined as an identifier that holds a particular data value in virtual memory. Its name identifies its type. For example, a variable name ‘count’ signifies to hold the count of some set of values. Hence it is a must and a good programming practice to give a relevant name to an identifier/variable. The length of the variable name could be anything starting with an alphabet/underscore rest can be either integer, special character etc.

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image 7

6. Difference between super class and sub class

There is a major difference between super-class and subclass and it can be better explained with the help of inheritance. The concept says that one class has certain dependency over another class. The class that inherits the features of one class is called subclass/child class and the class from which it inherited is called as super class or parent class. [Also Read: – ERD Database Management System Assignment] The subclass utilizing a similar execution (acquiring from an object or class) or determining another usage to keep up a similar behavior.

The subclass has feature of base class plus its own additional functionalities.

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image 8

7. Package

The package can be defined as namespace which is a collection of several classes, sub packages, and interfaces. The packages are of two types built in and user defined package.

Example of package is given below:

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image 9

8. Inheritance

When one class derived from another class it is known as the inheritance. The derive class has features of base class plus its own additional functionalities. A private member of a class is never inherited.

Example of inheritance is given below:

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image 10


In general terms platform independence means that to run a particular task, there is no dependency on a platform. In terms of oops, it can be described as a concept and a feature which is there in Java programming. It states that once a java source code is compiled on one platform say for example Windows it can be runnable on other platforms as well such as LINUX, UNIX etc. if you have JVM installed on your machine. The main objective is to provide flexibility to the developers as well as security. [Also Read: – Virtual Tutor Web Programming Assignment Help]

Technical Assignment Help

image 11

Task 2

2.1 Analyze the given scenario to design a proposed OOP solution (Part of M1) (M2)

This is an object oriented design and development assignment which required technical skills. “Soft Sol Ltd” is a software development company which provides a variety of services including bespoke software packages as per requirement of client depending hardware and software types. They also offer services for computer, mobile and web based application. I have to work in this company as a staff member and this java base assigned to me. I have to perform deep analysis to gather requirements, designing of proposed application, development, and deployment of an effective software program which should be capable of fulfilling client (Cars R Us) requirement. This company requires an application with GUI. [Also Read: – Big Mike Web Programming Assignment] The clients or user requires an application through which they can capable of entering detail about a variety of car. The Cars R Us also requires a system which can identify cars by their making year, engine size, colour etc.

A system must show details about the car that have already been entered into this system. Clients have to enter either year, engine size or color to view about a specific car. I also have to design and develop this application with an online help option to get help whenever a user requires it. I also have to create a documentation support to assist client or user.

Names of different classes

Name of different classes as per the requirement of Car R Us is as follows:

  • class
  • CarForm$1.class
  • CarForm$2.class
  • class
  • MainForm$1.class
  • MainForm$2.class
  • MainForm$3.class
  • MainForm$4.class
  • MainForm$5.class
  • MainForm$6.class
  • class

Attributes (with data types) and methods related to each class

Attributes with data types is as follows:

  • Int Make year
  • String Company name
  • String Model name
  • Double Engine CC
  • String Engine number
  • String transmission

There are following methods used in this java application is as follows:

  • Get()
  • Set()
  • Hashcode()
  • Equals ()
  • setText()

Relationship between classes and cardinality (In case, more than one class is found)

Car Class

Data Members

image 12

2.2 Produce a design for the object oriented programming solution using ‘UML CLASS DIAGRAM’ method for the given scenario (M2)

UML class diagram- UML class diagram is a static structure diagram which shows the structure of the system including their class, attributes, methods and relationship between two objects. In object-oriented modelling “Class diagram” is the basic building element. The classes which are used in the class diagram show main elements, application interaction, and program classes.

The UML class diagram as per the given scenario in Cars R Us is depicted below:

Technical Assignment Help

image 13


3.1 Implement the Object Oriented Solution according to the design specification made in Task – 2.b using JAVA programming language and BLUE J IDE.

I have Create graphical user interface (GUI) to make the system easy and user friendly; Use appropriate control structures if required, implementing object behaviors given in the scenario.

Technical Assignment Help

image 14

Technical Assignment Help

image 15

3.2 Creation of onscreen help to guide users of the developed program

Technical Assignment Help

image 16

Technical Assignment Help

image 17

3.3 Give a screenshot of Blue IDE to show that the implemented class relationship diagram is made as per the scenario

Technical Assignment Help

image 18

Task 4 )(M3)(D1,D2)

4.1 To find differences between actual test result against expected results

Test Cases Expected Results Actual Results
Checking functionality against requirements The program must correctly store and display car data The program is storing and displaying data correctly


Comment code The code must be indented and well commented The code is indented and well commented
Valid declaration There must be meaningful variable declaration and methods names. Classes, methods and variables are meaningful and expressive
Input testing The program must validate user input The program validated user input
Exception handling The program must be exception safe The program correctly handles the exceptions.

4.2 Provide an evaluation of how much your solution supports the stated requirements. Keep in mind the performance and user access and give appropriate suggestions if required

As a consultant for Cars R Us I have made some evaluation on how this system fills requirements.

I have created a Car class that represents the information about a car. Cars are represented as car class object in the application. The Application contains a vector that is a collection of car class objects that stores the data about the cars. The user can edit, view, add and delete information about the car. The user requirements are to store information about the car and then providing the facility to view car details.

  • Performance

The user can add, delete or edit the car detail by selecting particular car row in few seconds means the efficiency of new system of Cars R Us is much more increased. To use this system user or employee of don’t requires enough training means it is so much feasible to the user and company.

  • User access-This system is so much feasible because user can easily understand the whole system in few minutes. The admin of the organization is only able to made changes into the system or to made updates.
  • Recommendations
  1. The interface of the system can be made better for users in future.
  2. Image option can be added in future.
  3. This system may become online in future.
  4. “Engine status” option to describe the car status can be added as a future recommendation.
  5. “Name” and “No. of owner” option can be added to into this system in future.

The provided solution fulfills the requirement specified in the task and the classes storing data in an efficient way.

4.4Produce a complete documentation or user manual for the implemented object oriented solution

Give ‘onscreen help option’ as mentioned for the purpose of maintenance and support and paste the captioned screenshots

Technical Assignment Help

image 19

Technical Documentation

I have created a technical document as to assist admin of this assignment. If an admin wants to add  more feature and functionalities into this then this technical guide will assist them in future perspective. The application of this car company developed effectively and can capable to facilitate client in all possible manner. This computer based system is designed using java programming language. To design this application I have used many data types, methods, attributes, parameters, exception handling concept and many more.

Technical document of this assignment is as follows:

Main class– This is the main class of this system. A user has to run this class to run the entire project. To run this project user has to type “cmd” in the window dialogue box and then have to click enter. After that the user has to write “Javac MainClass.java” to compile a program then Java “MainClass” to run this program.

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image 20

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  • java- This is class of the java based program where I have define all the requirement of client effectively.

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image 21

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image 22

  • CarForm.Java- This is an image of CarForm.java. This class is designed to provide facility to add new car entry into the newly java based system

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image 23

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image 24

  • MainFormjava- The MainForm.java class file is designed and developed to authorize user to access within this system. The figure of MainForm.java is as follows

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image 25

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image 26

User guide [M3][D2]

To assist user I have created a user guide to avoid difficulties or problem on time of using this application, also to successfully add, delete and update car entries.

  • Edit- A user can edit or update car entries with their model, year and transmission etc through the edit option. When a user select entry of car and then edit option the system ask from user.

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image 27

  • Add– A user can add a car entry by just click onto the add option. When a user clicks onto to add button then a new window will open. The user has to fill valid entries within desired sections. After filling all entries a user has to click onto saving button.

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image 28

User has to fill valid data within specific sections to successfully add car details within this system.

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image 29

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image 30

  • Delete- A user can delete a car entry by just click onto the delete button of this system. A user has to select the row of the car entry then click on the delete option to delete car data.

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image 31

System ask from user before delete car detail, user can select yes or now through the popup window.

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image 32

  • Help- A user can get online help as whenever they need a help using help option. To get a help of any type, a user has to click and fill the entries within the specific areas. After filling the data, a user has clicked on help option.

Oops Assignment Help

image 33

  • Close– To close the complete java based system of “Cars R Us” a user just has to click “close” button which is given onto system.

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image 34

Task 5 [D3]

Now extend the solution further by implementing new features and paste the screenshots for the same as evidence

I have extended some of the features and the screenshots are given below:

Oops Assignment Help

image 35

This screenshot is for the tooltip I have added into the system and used jtable to display records.

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image 36

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This report has been created in order to understand the concepts of object-oriented programming and based on knowledge I have implemented a solution for the given case requirements. I have successfully created a java based system to support including, also created a user guide to assist the user and technical documentation for further implementations. All the feature of system works well.


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