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For each and every type of the industry, Project Management Assignment is a crucial and best element to increase the efficiency of entire company. However chances to get success just increased by 3 times if a project has been done and develop using the proven project development methods. The Project Management Body of knowledge is a term that stands for conclusion of all the profession of the project management. The full proof project management body of knowledge consist knowledge about the area of expertise which are widely applied and of course knowledge of latest innovative practice or expertise whichever used in limited times and also the published and unpublished materials. The primary purpose of this assignment is to identify and describe in detail about Project Management Body of knowledge and Agile project management methods. Apart all of this I have also identify the major key differences between both of the two project management methods.

Project Method

There are two project methods Project Management Body of Knowledge and Agile project management, by which we can manage the whole project or software.

Project management body of knowledge

Project management body of knowledge is a method of project management, collection of processes, best practices, terminologies and suitable guidelines which is accepted within management of project. Under this method the practitioner have to be updated and disseminated. The PMBOK provides guidelines and defines everything from the project lifecycle to the project management plan. The PMBOK helps to know about any facts or factors in detail on numerous type of project management processes throughout the project.

Project management process groups

Project management body of knowledge usually categorized into five major process groups call IPECC.

  • Initiating Group- Initiating Group included processes like development of project charter, identification of stakeholders and management of stakeholder relationships.
  • Planning Group- Planning group included processes like specifying budgets, creating the WBS and defining scope.
  • Executing Group- Executing Process consist project plan, communication management, procurement management and project team management.
  • Controlling Group- Controlling group is a process which helps to track complete process, progress of development and also control scope, cost and quality of services.
  • Closing Group- Closing Group is necessary to finish a project as by closing the procurement.

The Project management body of knowledge process is also categorized into ten knowledge areas which is as follows:

  1. Project communication management

Project communication management process is a process that helps to share the information among project team members and external stakeholders; also ensures that the process of information sharing is continuous and understand by concerned.

  1. Project cost management

Project cost management process defines project budgets, funding, spending parameters and time duration. This process depends upon estimated as per time management.

  1. Project human resources management

Project human resource management states and helps in managing project team, sourcing, hiring, assigning job role and fostering project team spirit.

  1. Project integration management

Project integration management is an important step which helps to define and coordinate all the other processes and activities, ensures to setting expectation and make a bridge of open communication.

  1. Project procurement management

Project proposal management help in establishing a well plan, perfect budget and purchasing resources to complete the project.

  1. Project quality management

Project quality management step helps to discover the success of a project. Quality of a project is managed at every single stage of development to maintain its performance and improve the efficiency.

  1. Project risk management

Project risk management helps to handle all type of risk in a project whichever internal or external.

  1. Project scope management

Project scope management helps to manage the scope for a project. This step helps to ensure that the scope has been proven and is well defined.

  1. Project stakeholder Management

Project stakeholder management process helps to manage all the stakeholders related to the particular project. It also helps to build plan to engage stakeholders for longer time interval.

  1. Project time management

Project time management process helps to manage time for each phase of development for the project. It provides a formal way to manage time for the each one.

Agile project management

The Project management body of knowledge is a traditional procedure of project management and provide step by step approach for project execution. As opposed to the traditional methodologies of project management Agile Approach for project management is now introduced to make the management flexible and efficient.

Agile project management methodologies adopt an iterative strategy for software or programming development. Agile project concluded a number of smaller cycles. Each cycle of is a smaller project in miniature. It consist all the development phases of project like design, implementation, deployment and testing under the predefined scope of project. At the end of each cycle, a completed phase is delivered. Means after completion of every iteration, a new feature is being added into the project, results in continuous project growth.

Agile approach for project management offers the following benefits as per the latest research:

  • Provides ability to manage the daily allocated task
  • Increase the productivity of entire team on daily basis of task allocation.
  • Simple and sound planning mechanism offers the better visibility to complete the project.

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Agile Framework

Agile is more sophisticated umbrella term which consist large variety of mechanisms, tools and techniques and principles. Each one has its own area of specialization and unique feature. See more about Cloud Computing Assignment Help


It is a more dominating agile methodology which is used by 42% of companies directly and 54% with combining other techniques. The scrum is basically depends on formalized interaction between three factors: Scrum Master, Product Owner and the team of the project. See more about Systems Design Project Assignment Help 

  • Scrum Master- The scrum master is key player within the project. The major and prime ability of scrum master is to eliminate all the factor or obstacles which may prevent the team member to work efficiently.
  • Product owner- A customer or other stakeholder of project may be a product owner, who are actively involved in completion of project from the day first. The product owner is responsible for providing clear vision and regular feedback after completion of every sprint.
  • Team- Scrum team is a group of project employees, responsible for project implementation. The size of group may be seven to eight members, to be productive and give optimum results.

The primary unit of scrum is sprint; a small cycle that is required strongly for increment of shippable product. The small cycle or sprint usually may be 1 and 4 week long, consist complex and lengthy iterations; results in lack of flexibility. Each sprint in a project has a fixed duration of time, helps to setup the plan and track the work progress easily. Usually the scrum within a project relies on the tree main factors that are used to manage the project requirement and check status too: product backlogs, sprint/ cycle backlogs and sprint burndown chart. The process of completion of scrum is arranged using a number of meetings such as daily scrum, sprint planning and reviews, deadline fulfillment, on budget delivery. Generally the list of companies which are used this approach is impressive.

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Similarly Scrum, Kanban is the second most usable technique of agile project management. Kanban organizes the work in advance (WIP), restricting its extension to coordinate it successfully to the group’s ability. When an assignment is finished, the group can take the following thing from the pipeline. Therefore, the advancement procedure offers greater adaptability in arranging, quicker turnaround, clear targets, and straightforwardness. No standard methodology inside the procedure, and in addition the settled cycles, are required in Kanban, rather than Scrum. The venture advancement depends on the work process representation through a Kanban board, for the most part spoken to by sticky notes and whiteboards or online apparatuses like Trello. Organizations like Spotify and Wooga (driving portable recreations advancement organization) have been utilizing this approach effectively finished the years. However, 43% of associations join Scrum with Kanban systems, utilizing the mix version of technique Scrumban as opposed to the original one.

(Agile Project Management: Best Practices and Methodologies, 2017)

Contrasts Methods

The major difference between the Project management body of knowledge and Agile project management is as follows:

S.NO Project management body of knowledge Agile Project management
1 It is a step by step project management methodology usually less robust than Agile. Agile is a more distinctive and unique methodology than the PMBOK
2 Project management body of knowledge is less flexible than the agile project management. It is more flexible than PMBOK.
3 Requires reworking because the primary decision maker in Project management body of knowledge is manager. So the communication gap may could lead to rework on project. Better to produce project without any need of reworking.
4 Don’t allows to break the project into smaller stages. Agile project management allows to break the task in smaller stages that reduces the risk occurrence.
5 Project management body of knowledge methodology don’t generate uncertain expectations. Agile could raise uncertain expectations.
6 Not allows for changes. More adjustable and can adapt for any project.
7 In this management, the success is measured by plan confirmation. The success is measured by business value which is being delivered.
8 By default project size is large because it don’t allows to divide the project in smaller pieces. The project size is small but larger project can also be done by using the SAF (Scaled Agile Framework).
9 The management style in PMBOK is not distributed. Only one person is for making decision and rest of the team follows the decision maker. The project under the agile project management is distributed to the entire team.
10 The changes can be made again and again; also can be adaptable for any project. Changes is not being accepted easily. Once the stage of development is done then it will require more charge to make any changes and have to face too much complexity.

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(Sliger, 2017)


The applicability of different method of project management is depends upon its principles, processes and framework.

The applicability of Project management body of knowledge is as follows:

  • It can only be used when the requirement is clearer for entire project.
  • When size of project is average of small because in doing project with PMBOK requires big team and a minor changes will result in high cost of project development.
  • When the documentation work of project is completed properly then PMBOK can be used.
  • When the plan for the project is clearer to the developers then the PMBOK can be used.
  • When the chance of risk is too high then the PMBOK can be used to develop a project.

The applicability of agile project management is as follows:

  • When the project size extra-large then agile project management can be used to divide the project size into smaller sizes.
  • When the requirement of customer is not confirmed then agile project management can be used.
  • To make the architecture more flexible it can be used.
  • To control over entire project with maintaining the quality for the web projects.
  • When the budget is not defined then agile project management can be used.

(Agile Project Management: Best Practices and Methodologies, 2017)

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