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This project has been developed in order to understand the fundamental concepts of project management and its various methodologies. It will let you understand the various modern IT technologies such as cloud, big data Mobile computing and so on. It will address the other project management concepts in the field of business, social and professional practices.

Part 1

How to manage IT projects using modern methodologies like PRINCE and agile.

Assignment Objective

With the development of modern technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Networking, Mobile Computing, the structure of project scope management has been changed. The primary goal of project management is to manage the project in such a way so that it can achieve the goal and also can meet specific success criteria. With the development of modern technologies the project management technologies have also developed. Some new technologies have emerged such as PRINCE, Agile etc. PRINCE technology provides document templates and clear decision points for the project management. The Agile technology is used to create an iterative, incremental method of managing the design and build activities for engineering, information technology and other areas. Both technologies are used to manage the project.

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Figure 1 Stages of Project management

 The project management is a very big process which includes the following points:

  • Initiation
  • Planning and Design
  • Execution and Construction
  • Monitoring and Controlling System
  • Completion and Finish point

The Initiation refers to the initialization of a project. This initialization refers to initialize all the resources which are required to create the project. This level also initializes all the requirements and needed resources to complete the project. See more about Cloud Computing Assignment Help

The second level, planning and design refer to the planning of the work that the project will be created and also initialize the design of the project. This level decides the time interval which will be taken to complete the project.

The execution and constraints refers to the level in which the initial project will be created and it will be executed and checked that whether the project is giving required output or not. The project constraints also get decided in this level.

The next level is monitoring and controlling system which refers to the level in which the created project is monitored and the required changes are done. This level also controls the system on which the project is executed. The next level, completion and finish refer to the finish of the project. In this level the final testing of the project is done and also the project is submitted to the person who has requirements for it.

Project Management Assignment Help,programming assignments help, programming assignment help, technical assignment help

Figure 2 Gantt chart

 Issues involved in IT Project management

The project management is the process in which the project is managed and all the requirements of the client are completed and the project is finished with all the requirements and with the final testing without any error.

The major issues which occur while managing the project are as follows:

  • The ever changing requirements: The client may change his/her requirements. Sometimes the client changes his/her requirements continuously. This ever changing requirements in projects management become a major issue such as:
  • For every requirement the developer need to change the flow of the project.
  • With all requirement the developer need to manage the project again.
  • For the each requirement the developer need to manage the project again. The developer also needs to reinitialize the project requirements and also need to redesign the project.
  • Slow Communication: If the client is not communicating with the developer continuously. The client is not giving proper feedback. There may be another issue such as the client is not checking the development of the project and not providing proper feedback. In this case the developer will not be able in providing the proper feedback and also will not be able in providing the proper project with all the requirements and in fulfilling the goal of the project.
  • The project does not start on time: If the developer has become late in starting the project. This issue may occur due to many reasons such as: the client has not given proper requirements, the developer is not able to understand the requirements, the developer is busy with other projects, developer in not serious for the project or the developer doesn’t have proper resources.
  • The way of project management is not correct: There may be another issue such that the management of the project is not organised in a correct way. The developer is not using the correct way to manage the project or the developer is using the same way to manage the projects which are used to manage another project. The project should be managed according to the requirements not on the basis of other projects. Different projects may have different requirements.
  • The client doesn’t like what you created: There may be another issue such that the client doesn’t like what you created. The client may have different thinking for the project and what you are creating is not matching with his/her ideologies. This will create an issue in project management.
  • The client doesn’t care about your project: The client may not have interested in giving feedback or is not giving proper attention to the project.
  • Error solving is taking too much time: After the project is live the error solving mechanism takes lots of time. Thus the client will be irritated with the project. When these issues will occur, due to these issues the developer will not be able in proper taking care of client.

Research on IT Project Management

The IT project management includes many tasks from the initialization of the project to the completion of the project. After completion, the error solving mechanism will take place and then finally the project submission to the client has been done. The research on IT project management decides which technology should be used in IT project management. There are lots of technologies which are used to manage the project. These technologies are as follows:

Traditional Approach: The traditional approach for an IT project management refers to the management of the project on each and every level. This approach includes the following levels to manage a project:

  • Firstly this approach initializes the project.
  • After initialization, the project proposal planning is done which includes the way in which the project will be created and this also includes the design of the project. The initial design of the project will be developed in this phase through which the project will be created.
  • The next level includes the project creation in which the project is created with all the constraints to meet the client requirements.
  • The next level is execution and bug solving. In this level the created project is executed and the project is checked with the user requirements. This helps in solving the bug as well as helps in creating project according to user requirements.
  • The final level includes the finish and completion of the project.

PRINCE2: PRINCE2 is a structured approach of project management. This methodology defines a method of managing the projects within the clearly defined framework. This methodology focuses on the definition and delivery of the products. Particularly this focuses on the quality of the project which is to be delivered to the client. This methodology defines a key input and output and some specific goals and activities which are to be carried out for a desired outcome and to get all the roles and responsibilities. The main responsibility of the PRINCE2 framework is to provide a complex project with all the requirements.

Key elements of prince methodology:

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Figure 3 Stages in PRINCE

  • Critical Chain Management: This process includes the project management in chain structure that is the management of the projects is done by applying method of planning and managing project execution. The design of project deals with the uncertainties which may occur while creating and executing project. The main goal of critical chain management is to manage the flow of the project in an organization so that the project management can execute in a flow and the final goal can be achieved. This process critically undergo with resource revealing. In case of multiple projects resource revealing must be followed across the project management. The resource revealing refers to the release of resources once they are used
  • Process Base Management: The Process Base Project Management ensures the project management in such a way that the developer will be able to perform successfully, consistently, and predictable in order to enact the strategies of the organization.
  • AGILE Project Management: Agile project management encompasses several iterative approaches which are based on the principles which interact with the human management. So this is a process view which collaborate the humans. In this management the series of relative small tasks convinced together and with the traditional approach the project is managed so that the final goal can be achieved.

Project Management Assignment Help,programming assignments help, programming assignment help, technical assignment help

Figure 4 Agile life cycle

 Advocates of this technique claim that:

It is the most consistent project management technique since it involves frequent testing of the project under development. It is the only technique in which the client will be actively involved in the project development. The only disadvantage with this technique is that it should be used only if the client has enough time to be actively involved in the project.

  • Lean Project Management: The Lean Project Management is associated with the lean manufacturing in which the project is delivered within time with minimum waste and reduced time.
  • Extreme Project Management: The organization in which multiple projects are to be managed within a same time has emerged issue for all the project management technologies such that the technologies has become inactive in providing the output within time so that the developer become unable to manage multiple projects at the same time. To make the project management effective and resolve this error extreme project management is used so that the required goal or requirements can be achieved.
  • Benefits Realization Management: The benefits realization is the process in which the project is managed in such a way that the user can get maximum profit with all the projects. This project management technology includes a way so that the profit of the organization is maximized.

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To analyze and evaluate regarding issues

The issue with the given case study is that how the Agile and PRINCE are suitable in managing the projects for the modern emerged technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Networking and Mobile Computing. The Cloud Computing is the technology in which all the user data are managed over the cloud. The data are stored on a virtual network which is referred as cloud so that user can access his/her data from anywhere anytime. This provides functionality so that the data can be achieved anywhere without carrying data or without any data loss. (Griffith, 2015)

The big data technology is the process in which the data of the organization are managed. In this technology the data are divided in clusters of data then these data are stored on different systems or on different cloud and when needed are accessed from these different systems. This technology provides security of data. (Beal, 2015)

The mobile computing is the process in which the computing is done on mobile such as data access, data transfer, data transmission etc. The social networking is the technology in which the network is managed socially to provide facility to all the users. (Brown, 2015)

For all these technologies the Agile and PRINCE technology are used to manage project. Under cloud computing the project management is the task in which many small tasks have to be managed to achieve goal. This project is managed by using the agile methodology. The specialty of the agile methodology is that it divides the project in small tasks and then manages all the small tasks to manage the project and to achieve goals.

The PRINCE methodology provides framework to manage the design of the project. By using this technology the better user interface can be created to manage the projects. The data are managed in background.

These methodologies fit best in managing all the projects which comes under the modern emerged technologies. The PRINCE and Agile both can fulfill all user requirements and can provide a better way to get the goal of the project in these all developed technologies.

Elaborate your Observations and conclusions

My observations and conclusions are as follows:

  • Observation on Cloud Computing Technology: This is technology in which data are stored on the cloud. The cloud is a virtual network where all the data are stored in such a way so data when the user needs the data he/she can access data. This is best to provide data without data loss and without carrying any hardware or software device. The major requirements of the projects of this technology includes the security of data and also includes a way by which without data loss the data can be stored in efficient way or a correct way. Here to manage the project the Agile suits with the requirements. The Agile methodology divides the project in small tasks. For the cloud computing project also the tasks will be divided into small tasks which will be managed using the Agile methodology so that each data will be tested and finally the final output will be provided to the client which will give him/her the capability to access data from anywhere anytime without the need of hardware and software.
  • Observation on Big Data Technology: The Big Data is the technology which manages data in clusters on different system to make the data secure. In this technology firstly the data are encrypted in some non-readable format so the unauthorized user can’t access the data. Now the data are divided into clusters and then stored on different devices. Now to manage the project under this technology the Agile methodology is used where data are divided into small parts and then operation are performed on each and every task so that the user can achieve the goal of data security.
  • Observation on Social Networking: Social Networking assignment refers to the social networks where many users can meet and as well as they can share their views, photos and also can share their opinion and other details. In these the user can interact with other user. So the projects under social networking are user interactive and fulfil the requirements which are asked by the user. The Project management under this technology includes the management of the user interface as well as the management of user data. For this the PRINCE project management methodology is used. In this methodology the user interactive design is prepared and also the user is interactive frame work is made to provide better project design as well as to provide the project interaction with the another user. This methodology suits with the projects under social networking.
  • Observation on Mobile Computing: Mobile computing is the technologies in which all the projects are executed on mobile for example android applications etc. these projects are not only user interactive which includes the main focus on design but also manages data in backend. So to manage the backend the Agile technology is used and to manage the frontend the PRINCE methodology is used. The Agile methodology manages the data by dividing data in small tasks and the PRINCE methodology manages the user interface. It creates a framework for the management of the user interface and to resolve the user design.

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Part 2

Things I have learned from this module from technical perspectives

My Learning experiences with this module are as follows:

  • I got to know about the new developed technologies in Information Technology in last 5 years.
  • I got to know about cloud computing and how it is useful. As it is a finest way to store data over virtual network so that the data will be available to all the users anywhere anytime and the user can access data from anywhere and also he/she needs not to carry any device. This also provide a security level for the data thus without authentication no user can access these data which are stored on the cloud.
  • I get acquainted with the new terms of the technology for the data security such as Big Data. Big data is a way in which the data which the user need to save securely are firstly encrypted in non-readable form and then the data are divided into clusters and then theses clusters are saved on different systems. So in case of data theft or data hacking the hacker of the thief will not be able in reading the data or also will not be able in accessing or using that data.
  • This module has provided me a great experience to have knowledge of mobile computing. The mobile computing not only provides the user interactive feature but also provide an easy way for user to operate on different computers or devices.
  • This module also gave an experience to have knowledge about social networking in which the one user interacts with another user with great experience.
  • This module has taught me different methodologies which are used to manage any project in IT industry or organization. For the projects of new emerged technologies the user has been provided different technologies such as Agile and PRINCE. These methodologies provide a way to get a user interactive or the data centric project management. The Agile is specially used to manage the data whereas the PRINCE methodology is used to manage the user interface such as the PRINCE is design centric methodology which provides an efficient way to design and provides the user interaction facility to data designing. See more about Database Management Assignment Help 

Recommendations and areas of further improvements

The recommendations and the future improvements may be as follows:

  • The user of this case must have the knowledge of the newly emerged technologies such as cloud computing, big data, social networking or other newly developed technologies.
  • The user must know what project management is. In parallel the user must also have the knowledge of all the levels of project management such as designing, initialization, execution and finished.
  • The user should also be familiar with all the technologies which are used to project management.
  • The future of this case study is that there are more technologies which are going to emerge in Information Technology.
  • For every requirement there are different ways to manage projects. There is different strategy to create project. Thus after having these all thing in mind the project management depends on the requirements of the client.
  • The project management only provides an efficient way so the user can manage the project timely and can deliver the product within time and with great effort and can also meet with the user requirements.
  • There may be more technologies which can be used to manage projects in future. Hence the user must have knowledge to all these methodologies.


At last in the conclusion point I want to sum up the things by stating the things I have learned while working on this project. I have gained the better understanding of software project methodologies and various technical aspects. It will be helpful for me for the future IT projects if I will appoint as an IT Project Manager.


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