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Staff Payroll System Database Assignment Help

Staff payroll system is based on database assignment solution which is all about the development of stock and inventory system using Oracle Financials 


Database Assignment Help

 The project is about the development of stock and inventory system using Oracle 10g module integrated with Oracle Financials. An inventory system provides physical management of a company’s stock until it is either used up or sold. It also performs a logical, cataloging function. This stock is referred to by its item number (usually item number is the segment 1 column of mtl_system_items) and has many attributes that affect the transactions that the modules can process against the item. The system will handle Orders from various sites/joinery/carpentry and other divisions to buy various hardware/ material required for their respective sites which run on a weekly Order cycle. I worked in a title role for developing inventory management software as per ISO Standards.

This sample solution which is based on database assignment help the end user to even plan their next year production based on the current year sales and pending orders for the next year. The other common modules such as GRN, Issue, Purchase, Sales order, Invoicing are also is the part of the system. The software is with multi user support which enables the administrator to restrict user to access certain modules and activities. Every other module within Oracle Applications that needs to name types of objects looks to the Inventory Item Master for details regarding an item. These objects include products ordered through Oracle Order Entry, items invoiced through Oracle Receivables, items purchased through Oracle Purchasing, items paid for through Oracle Payables, items maintained through Oracle Service. [Also Read:- Phone Gap Android Assignment Help]

  • Cost and Benefits

The projected budget for this project is estimated at $60,900. This budget was based on the following cost estimates:

Primary Resources Role Daily Rate Estimated Days Estimated Totals
Total Estimated Price $60,900

Early in the project planning cycle, the scope of the work, budget and schedule will be confirmed to ensure and validate these estimates.

Role in the Project

 My role in this project includes:

  • Role includes proactively lead the requirement specification, data acquisition, and data Cleaning of Duplicate and Redundant data.
  • I was responsible for coding as per the requirements and design specifications and also testing the modules created
  • Designed and developed a solution for inventory management and physical archives, billing, accounting, transportation and online tracking of goods. Coordinated project work across various sites using environment: Oracle 9i/10g, PL/SQL
  • Created algorithms for inventory management such as FIFO, LIFO, and weighted averages using PL/SQL programs such as: packages, stored procedures, functions, triggers, views, materialized views, PL/SQL tables, sequences, indexes, etc. [Also Read: – SQL Assignment Help]
  • Conduct SIT (System Integrated Testing) and UAT (User Acceptance Test) for the Oracle Management System and co-ordinate bugs and requirement to development team for fixes.
  • Conduct Training Sessions for Business users ensuring their full understanding of Oracle Inventory Order management system
  • Post Project launch support for any issues user faces and updating of various tools and software created.
  • Handling Oracle Work Flow tasks like Start the Work Flow Engine and Monitor the work flows.
  • Handling routine / day-to-day tasks like scheduled jobs, performing regular EBS health check-up, monitoring etc.
  • Maintained Archive logs and their spaces for routine administration alert and trace monitoring
  • Worked closely with teams including Applications development, database development, oracle Support, and talking to the end users, business state holders and putting together business requirements
  • Worked closely with teams including Applications development, database development, Oracle Support, Interfacing with multiple teams and coordinating the solution design and coding efforts
  • Responsible for the research and development of the latest products available based on Identification as well as Inventory stock solutions
  • Coordinating with different departments for their application requirements
  • Supervised and mentored development project teams of up to 3 programmers

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   Project Involvement Areas:

 Requirement Analysis

 I gathered all requirements of the Order Management Cycle to be integrated with Oracle Order Management Module and Oracle Finance which would make use of the following forms like E-Business Center, Sales Order form, Inventory Issue/receipt, Pick and Deliver across sites, Inventory quantity and Price list update. I recorded all Access group and controls to setup for client

 Design Specification

 I developed the design document to integrate the Order cycle to Oracle Order Management where the following will be put in place like Sales Acknowledge report, Sales Order summary report and Inventory Report. I designed the Sales Order summary report to give the total stock in hand and the material going to sites for the total Sales Orders so that material could be arranged for delivery. I have also designed the Pick and deliver forms to pick items from inventory and deliver to various sites [Also Read: – Phone Book Management Web Programming Assignment]

Program Development & Implementation

I planned the development by setting up all the inventory items and locations required for sale of various building and construction material, hardware by creation of accounting code combination for Oracle finance integration for invoicing and inventory evaluation.

I carried out the implementation in three phases SIT which was involved with Functional and Technical testers, UAT involved Business super users along with training then we set for Go-Live which included all users. The customer were created in Oracle E-Business Center while attaching a bill to and deliver to each site as a mandatory requirement to proceed with new Sales orders. Project went to Go-Live stage after all setup related tasks were done.

Quality Assurance

 I carried out Performance testing on Oracle database server in order to determine the bandwidth of data during peak transaction times. I also checked and verified all inventory codes and accounting codes. I have completed number of Order cycles with different scenarios to ensure no issues in live environment. [Also Read:- Australian Seeds Web Programming Assignment Help]

After Go-Live I carried out a check on the Operation and smooth running of the Inventory System. Any fine tuning required would be done on the spot from Application side or through back end fixes. I ensured the oracle database backup by running a mirror backup server which is real time back up which would be of critical at any stage of data loss. I have also trained new users on the system while ensuring their thorough knowledge of the Oracle Order Management system for this system

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Interpersonal Communications

 My role would be to communicate to the technical team and database team to ensure all fixes and modification have been completed on time as required. [Also Read:- Translation Memory Database Assignment Help] I would also liaise with the Head of Departments like Sales, Procurement and Accounts to ensure smooth flow of system process according to the mapped business process. I also educated the users on the system’s benefits in order to build confidence in the system for optimum usage.

Professional Practices

I ensure the best practices in Data Quality, Control access in our system in order to make sure that the correct set of information is entered for Management reporting at any time. I ensure that all issues are resolved according to priority which is logged and tracked.

L earnings
  • Helped me to learn more about business procedures in Order Management cycle for sale of various material, hardware used by various sites and projects
  • I was managing the project schedules and deliverable to ensure on time delivery.
  • I was able to overcome any obstacles that could have hindered the project go live.
  • I learnt that all post go-live issues and business requirement changes required to logged and approved by Business heads.

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