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how to write an assignment
Fig-1-how to write an assignment

Are you scared about writing an assignment? Do assignment submission date termed as a nightmare for you? How about, if you have a guide that tells you how to write an assignment? …. I know you will buy it for sure… so here is an opportunity available for you. Through this whole discussion, I will help you in writing a good assignment.

When you are undertaking tertiary study, you need to submit many assignments within the time limit. Making a good assignment is not an easy task as it requires so many research, time, knowledge etc. That’s why we have designed some important guidelines that help you to complete your assignment before the submission date.

Follow the above guidelines to prepare a good and approachable assignment :

  1. Make a plan for the project

  2. Explore the topic of the assignment

  3. Find relevant information

  4. Drafting an assignment

  5. Publish gathered information

  6. Analysis and proofread


  1. Make a plan for the project

Before starting an assignment, a student must make a plan and also make a layout on blank paper, then, execute at the time of writing an assignment accordingly. Also, find out the worth of assignment and what percentage of the final mark it is. This will help you to decide how much time need to spend on every topic of assignment.

Get the knowledge about marking schedule to see what examiner or teacher will be looking for when they mark your work and how the marks will be assigned in your college or university. This will let you know, on which parameter you suppose to focus more.

Then, make a schedule of the task as per dates. Break a whole work into days and perform each activity as per prepare schedule. Give each task a deadline, and try to complete work within the mentioned deadline.

  1. Explorer the topic of the assignment

After setting up a proper plan, time to do a proper examination of the assignment. As per this guideline, you must examine or define your assignment questions properly. But you may be confused, how to examine your assignment?  Not to worry, here we have a solution. Just ask yourself following question ….

  1. What ’s the question is about?
  2. The topic is related to which subject?
  3. What does the question mean?
  4. What do questions demand from you?
  5. How to answer this question?

Suggestion- when you find something that related to assignment topic on the Internet or any discussion forum, must save a copy of it. After saving all the gathered information at one place(file). you can take help of it by getting ideas at the time of writing an assignment.

  1. Find relevant information

Before beginning with a writing assignment,  you must research on the given topic and find relevant and reliable information. There are lots of sources available on both online and offline. You can gather information about your topic by entering your query in the search box on Google.

Once you have found information, the next task is to evaluate it to ensure that, gather information is relevant for your assignment or not.

  1. Drafting an Assignment

Drafting an outline will give you a structure to follow at the time of writing an assignment. Such a structure helps you to write an assignment in a scannable view. It means a division of topic under some category or sections. It makes an assignment more presentable, attractive and approachable to read.

The assignment you are doing will give you a broad structure, but you should also check the question and marking schedule, as they will help you to get a knowledge about how the lecturer expects the topic to be structured, what must be included and what must not include, and which sections are worth the most marks.

From there you can create an outline for your assignment topic by using heading and gaps for the information you supposed to fill in. Your assignment also involves certain heading and every heading must be in bold format. You must choose the best heading style for your assignment that makes it more presentable.

Outlines Example

Most common outline which includes in every assignment as follows:

  1. Introduction(+5% of the assignment)- This Outline covers an introduction part of your topic. Under this heading, you supposed to answer the following question-
  2. Why your topic supposed to read by readers or your target audiences?
  3. Introduction about Topic?
  4. What is the purpose behind your assignment?

Discussion(85% of the assignment)- This part considers the lengthiest section of the whole topic. It divides into a number of paragraphs and every important point start with new paragraphs. A paragraph usually starts with a description of a new idea or new point that followed by supporting evidence and examples. This section covers a brief discussion of your given topic.

Conclusion(10% of the assignment)-it’s an ending section of your assignment that involves a summary of discussion section and draws conclusions based upon the evidence you have presented.

Suggestion- Conclusion section must involve an answer to the question in a summarized form.

      5. Publish content

Once you have found relevant information for your assignment then, its time to bring it all together and start writing your assignment.

Following are some important steps that help you in writing your assignment well:

Write your first draft of the assignment topic

  • Use outline and fill in the gaps, writing your important point for every section.
  • Write your whole content within the given word limit.
  • Leave the introduction section till the end as its often hard to write and start your assignment writing with discussion section.
  • Once you have completed your assignment, check that it makes sense, complete every requirement of the question and includes every change wherever it’s needed.
  • Include easy and simplify word that makes your assignment understandable.
  • Involve bibliography and reference list.

     6.Analysis and Proofread

After completing the whole assignment, now, its time to analyze the whole assignment thoroughly and make a correction if needed. Take a short break after completing every task so that you can check your assignment with a fresh eye.

Following are the important points that to be check at the time of analysis:

  1. Do you answer every question set up in the assignment? Checking your assignment against the marking schedule?
  2. Is structure design in assignment is correct?
  3. Is your assignment consist of all important elements like…title page, introduction, conclusion, reference list?
  4. Is the content logically arranged in your assignment?
  5. Does your assignment read well, every section explains meaning properly?… a good way to check this read it loud…
  6. Is your assignment is presentable?
  7. Does your assignment contain any grammatical errors?
  8. Are all pages numbered?
  9. Does your assignment include basic detail like- your name, your ID etc detail as requested by the teacher?


Suggestion- if its possible for you, ask any member in your family to proofread your whole assignment.


As per the above discussion, I hope now onwards you will not face any difficulty in writing an assignment whether topic related to business or non-business matter.

If still, you have face any difficulty in writing an assignment, you also have an opportunity to get a benefit of counseling service from our experts.
























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