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Java is developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995. It is an Object oriented high-level programming language. Java programs are platform independent, it supports the different type of operating system with any type of processor, such as Mac OS, Windows, and UNIX.


Firstly, it was only used to program and design small computing device, but later it was adopted as a platform independent programming language. And now according to Sun Microsystem more than 3 billion devices run java. Some different types of java programs are following:


Applets: This is the type of java program that is use in a web page to add new features to any web browser.

J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition): The J2EE software is basically used to transfer data based on XML format

JSP (Java server page): java is also used to create web applications like ASP, JSP and PHP. Which helps to create any dynamic website.

JavaBeans:JavaBeans is used to create some new and advanced application.

Mobile: Except these above technology, java is also used to built games and services in mobile devices.


Java is a fully object oriented programming language, which is Simple, Secure, Portable, Robust and Dynamic. The java program is editing in several types of editor like: Notepad, Netbeans.


Different types of java technology are:

  • Java Standard Edition (JSE): It is mainly used to create Desktop applications, Server application and Applets.
  • Java Enterprise Edition (JEE): JEE is based on the foundation framework of the standard edition. It helps in component model and web application service.
  • Java Micro Edition (JME): JME is used to develop software for different types of devices like mobile, TV set-up box and Game programming.

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